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The Audio Ninjas work in the shadows to give your project high quality sound design.

Here’s an overview of some of the services we offer.

Sound design

Over the years, we have amounted a vast amount of prestigious sound effects libraries, often used in top tier movies and videogames. This permits a fast workflow. If there’s a sound effect we don’t have, we’ll simply record and create it ourselves!


We pride ourselves in creating custom music. There is nothing like a tailor-made music track fully composed to fill your needs. For more budget-friendly projects, we work together with a high-quality supplier of stock music. The label provides separate stem tracks and allows us to make sure the dynamic of the music goes hand in hand with the imagery.


You have a voice-over recorded, but it’s missing that silky-smooth treatment? Or perhaps some unwanted sounds have accidentally snuck up in the recording? We have the best tools of the trade to get rid of the problems that vocal recordings are often confronted with.

Mixing & Mastering

Combining sound effects, music and voice-over requires a certain know-how and tools-of-the-trade for a proper result. We are equipped with both. We assure that the audio has been optimized for its destined platform. Be it YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, TV, radio or other, we make sure it ticks all the boxes.


Practically anything you can imagine. We have provided audio services for animation, live-action, video games, VR, podcasts, events, radio, TV, etc.

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About Audio Ninjas

Tom Bleys
Co-founder & Lead Composer

After working nearly a decade as a freelance composer and sound designer,
we wanted to up the ante and expand our services to bring quality audio at affordable rates.
This resulted in the founding of Audio Ninjas in 2019 and have already established a very satisfied client base.

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